Dead Oak Brewing

“Santa Ross is wonderful and we’ll definetly be asking him back to the brewery next year! Not only is he a great looking Santa but, more importantly, the kids love him!”
  • Nikki Kaltenberg – Owner Dead Oak Brewing     Event Date: December 8th, 2017 

Boomers! Santa Maria

“Santa Ross is the real deal! We had Santa Ross for our weekly Breakfast with Santa event, and he never disappointed! He was great with kids and adults alike! He even rode our go-karts! He really makes every event special. The way he speaks to the kids is amazing! And let’s not forget Mrs. Claus came too, and she was wonderful for kids that might be scared of Santa. By the end of any event, he will have you asking yourself, is he the real Santa??”
  • Anthony Barba – General Manager    Event Date: December 9th, 2017

871st EN CO DET 1 MAUI, HI

“THANK YOU SANTA ROSS Having you come to our Army Platoon’s Christmas Party made it an exceptional event and set it over the top. The Kids, Soldiers, and all families really loved having you visit and hand out the gifts. Without your visit it just wouldn’t have been a true Christmas Party. The bells that jingled as you walked in made it a very memorable and awesome experience. Santa Ross donate so much of his time to the community and spreading the Christmas Cheer for everyone.I would highly recommend you to anyone and really appreciate everything you do.
  • 1LT Benjamin Spiker Platoon Leader/Facility Commander

Lihikai Elementary School

“Thank you for taking time out of your holiday schedule to pay a special visit to Lihikai Elementary School. Your presence brought an uplifting JOY to not just the students, but the staff as well — something that only Santa can do :)! It’s something that everyone here at Lihikai deserves (and definitely appreciated ). Thank you very much!!! Happy Holidays!” Thank you again for everything, and have a wonderful 2017!”
  • Leanne Matson School Counselor


“Thank you very much again for your high level of professionalism and hard work! Our guests who visit us during the holiday season usually have a very high expectation… as they want their stay to be special while celebrating most wonderful time of the year during their stay.  You truly made our guest experience more memorable and magical.  From the moment of your entry all the way until your departure, every single of your actions was true Santa’s! You ARE SANTA!!! We look forward to working with you again. Until then… warmest aloha,”
  • Minsun Robillard Director, Guest Experience

Wailuku Elementary

“The children at Wailuku Elementary were in awe of Santa this year! You made me believe in Santa again, Santa Ross. You have all the qualities of kindness of heart and generosity. You also happen to look exactly like him, but it’s the love you gave to the kids that made this the most special Christmas event ever. Happy Holidays and thank you!!! ”
  • Christine Ortiz PTA -President